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As we continue to rapidly grow, we eagerly welcome individuals from diverse
backgrounds who can be a part of our team across the country

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At Karkhana.io, we take the risks and tackle the challenges that nobody else wants to, head on. We do this while striving to uphold our values and inculcating it in our fellow colleagues, customers and stakeholders, not by our words but by our action. If you’re looking for a positive workplace to grow both professionally and personally, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Our Core Values


Curiosity drives innovation. We question, learn, and advance together to achieve our goals.


We value empathy. Listening to our team and customers helps us create a platform that meets their needs.


Transparency is at our core. We embrace every idea and share both successes and challenges, fostering a culture of collective growth.


Integrity is our foundation. We're committed to honesty and strong moral values in all our interactions, building the trust and credibility

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As we revolutionize how B2B manufacturing works with the digitalization of custom manufacturing, procurement and the supplier ecosystem, be a part of the most exciting company!

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