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Leading the IoT Charge: How Aurassure leveraged Karkhana.io’s platform to pave the way for a sustainable future

The digital manufacturing platform of Karkhana.io enables you to get quick design validation for your requirements, on-demand manufacturing, and transparent pricing while maintaining high-quality standards. 

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Surgical C-Arm

Karkhana.io’s digital manufacturing platform enabled the client to get a one-stop solution for quick design validation, manufacturability feedback and complete end-to-end project management with quality checks and logistics.
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ECG Shell

Karkhana.io is equipped with expertise to cater the whole product development process and reduce the timeline of the overall project.
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Radiant Infant Warmer

Radiant Infant Warmer

Radiant Infant Warmer is a neonatal intensive care equipment for newborns with a mission to reduce mortality rates.
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Viviva Colors

A sketchbook for amateurs who want to sketch like a pro. The sketchbook comes along with a holder. The holder is used to hold a mirror and a mobile. The video from Viviva shows that a person places a mirror on the holder.
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This cradle can monitor for early wakeup signals and act on these to put the baby back to sleep.
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Access Readers

The swift and decisive action to refine designs, test prototypes, and source materials with precision and agility enabled the client to achieve substantial savings without compromising the quality or performance.
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