Surgical C-Arm

Introduction – Surgical Robotics Evolution  The medical robots market is forming a rapidly growing sector of the medical devices industry. The key factors fuelling this growth attributes to the upsurge in the demand of minimally invasive and automated surgical procedures along with the technological advancements in the products. Integration of robotics technology into surgical instrumentation has substantiated as a refined discipline fit for treating a wide range of critical surgical problems.  As innovative headways persistently develop, the robotic systems have become more autonomous and have offered objective and quantifiable advantages over traditional procedures. Additionally, the room for making errors in complex medical cases also reduces considerably with the virtue of precise minimally invasive and autonomous interventions. Client Overview- Critical care medical equipment industry A MedTech company poised to revolutionize the healthcare segment with cutting edge technology had approached Karkhana.io for manufacturing of the components that go into the line items

Aurassure Case Study – Leading the IoT charge

Introduction –  Air pollution is a global environmental issue with far-reaching consequences impacting human health, the environment, and the economy. India has been facing a

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The emergence of IoT (Internet of Things) technology in security systems has been a seismic shift in the security paradigm, transforming the way we perceive

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‍Why Karkhana.io? Established Vendor Base: Eliminating the process of searching vendors with suitable capabilities as there were strict timelines for launching the product. Manufacturing Know-How:

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‍Introduction – Client Overview The Indian medical device industry is growing rapidly and poised with steady growth. However, the opportunity to serve patients with innovation