Karkhana.io is a flexible & turn-key manufacturing solutions provider. We have built a tech-enabled marketplace for custom manufacturing with an aim to transform the manufacturing sector in India. With our proprietary platform, we enable buyers to source custom-built parts and assemblies efficiently while empowering sellers of manufacturing services to grow their business.

We deliver custom build products, precision parts, and sub-assemblies to OEMs with the help of in-house engineering experts, and 400+ certified manufacturing suppliers.
In this quest to transform manufacturing, we know that our greatest asset is our team. We are looking for a supply engineer who is keen to build India’s foremost manufacturing services brand and be a part of the team to realize the vision for #MakeInIndia together.

Job Description

1. Sourcing & Procurement : Lead the sourcing mandate for the designated projects. Work closely to identify and evaluate potential suppliers for all materials required as part of the project. Develop and maintain relationships with key suppliers for a stable and cost-effective supply chain.
2. Manufacturing Management : Work closely with suppliers to ensure manufacturing is done as per customer specifications. Ensure understanding of manufacturing constraints and pass on specific boundary conditions to help with efficient project management
3. Supply Chain Management : Manage overall logistics, manufacturing and quality control in all parts of the supply chain. Maintain systems to monitor and implement audit mechanisms to have zero risk supply chain
4. Cost Optimization : Work with suppliers on ways to reduce BOM costs to improve overall profitability & cash flow of the business
5. Effective Communication with stakeholders : Managing information regarding project status, highlighting issues and potential risks.
6. Compliance : Ensure compliance across all stakeholders with regard to processes & regulatory policies 


1. BE/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
2. Min. 3-5 years of experience in Operations in a manufacturing environment
3. Team management experience preferred