Authored by Nitesh

Have you ever wondered what process is largely used to make innovative & futuristic medical devices or equipment? If you answered Sheet Metal Fabrication, then you’re absolutely right!
Medical manufacturing, in particular, requires high precision & involves manufacturing complicated geometries, making this process the preferred choice for medical companies.

From the flexibility in processes & production volume to cost optimization, there are many benefits to choosing sheet metal fabrication as your process. This blog explores these benefits in detail & helps you ascertain whether you should choose this or not.

#1 Ease of customisation because of the flexible nature of metal sheets

Specificity is an essential factor for manufacturing medical devices and equipment. Because of complex needs, the geometries of medical parts manufacturing requires flexible metals and sheet metal, in these cases, becomes the perfect fit.

With metal fabrication, you can bend and customise sheet metal per your needs easily and at scale.

#2 High precision, making it perfect for CT scan machines, ultrasound machines, and other medical devices

Precision manufacturing is at the core of every medical manufacturing activity. Medical machines and devices deal with complex diagnostic scanning, radiations, sensors, body tissues, and numerous other use cases where precision is a super important factor.

With pre-manufacturing simulations and automated manufacturing, companies can manufacture at scale with medical fabrication. This process allows for manufacturing of medical devices at scale while maintaining the safety, quality, and accuracy required in the healthcare sector.

#3 Quicker turnaround times

Manufacturing time is especially crucial in the medical sector because of the unexpected nature of medical emergencies. It is not easy for doctors and hospitals to consistently assess and estimate future demand for certain medical machines and devices.

Metal fabrication processes can be automated, which results in quick turnaround times.

#4 Wide choice of metals suited for medical purposes (Anti-allergic, non-toxic, etc.)

While choosing metals for medical manufacturing, things to take care of include the following:

  • It should be durable
  • Temperature resistance in some cases
  • Non-toxic
  • Should not cause allergies
  • Infections and other reactions in cases of implants
  • Flexibility in case of complex geometries
  • Weight
  • And many other factors

Since so many factors have to be considered, companies need options, and medical fabrication works with a wide range of metals, serving the needs of medical companies.

#5 Cost optimisation and durability

When compared to numerous other manufacturing processes, sheet metal fabrication helps manufacturers cost optimise the end product. With automation, manufacturing can be scaled while supporting unit economics.

Also, the addition of corrosion-resistant processes and a wide choice of materials make the end products durable and convenient at the same time. All this happens while medical fabrication helps maintain tight tolerances.

Solving challenges of a wide range of SKUs, low volumes, difficulty finding reliable manufacturers, and more with

Medical device manufacturing for companies and startups comes with a lot of challenges currently like:

  • Companies coming up or having a wide range of SKUs but the volumes for each are low to easily find manufacturers
  • Finding raw materials is tricky
  • Finding reliable manufacturers with past experience in specific areas is a challenge
  • Convincing reliable manufacturers for low-volume manufacturing
  • Cost optimisation
  • Expert inputs on MedTech manufacturing processes or design has solved all the above challenges and more with its digital manufacturing platform. This platform helps companies with instant quotations, DfM feedback via our expert engineers, end-to-end project management, sharing project files within your organisation, viewing your CAD files, regular QC, audits of suppliers, logistics, payments, and more.

To help you understand even better, check out this case study in which we reverse engineered state-of-the-art technology to facilitate newborn care for a client.

You can avail of all these benefits for sheet metal fabrication services, including:

  • CNC bending
  • Cutting services
  • Welding and assembly
  • Surface finishing
  • With the choice of cutting options including laser, waterjet, and precision laser cutting

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