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3D Printing robots
3D Printing

Automation powered by robots has set foot in almost every industry, and we live in a day and age where robots manufacture robots. There are numerous areas where robotics is empowering different sectors, and at the same time, there are numerous manufacturing processes that can be used to manufacture robots.

Among these manufacturing processes, 3D printing has exploded in recent times because of numerous linked benefits.

Incredible benefits of 3D printing

In this blog, we explore why you should consider 3D printing robots and how industries benefit from 3D printing concepts.

#1 Faster manufacturing both for prototypes and batch manufacturing

Robotics is all about automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency in various domains. Improving efficiencies involves a lot of customisations, and traditionally designing, prototyping, and manufacturing has been linked to lengthy lead times.

The idea to the manufacturing stage traditionally takes months to complete, and 3D printing robots have fastened this process to a few days. Companies can quickly test new ideas and concepts with prototypes built using 3D printing. 

It also helps with manufacturing, especially with customised 3d printed robots (like in the medical field, where patient-specific robots might have to be manufactured quickly).

#2 Reduced costs and material waste

There is an exponential difference between costs associated with prototyping using 3D printing and other options, including creating a die or mould.

The difference is highly significant in the case of complex geometries, which are really difficult to be produced with other manufacturing methods but can be effortlessly manufactured with 3D printing.

The material waste associated with 3D printing robots is also relatively less.

#3 Effortless manufacturing of spares and modifications

Printable robot parts are also easier to manufacture, even with customisations. This is also true in the case of modifications that you may have to do in the future.

#4 Tooling for other manufacturing methods

Additive manufacturing is capable and is widely used to manufacture tools used for manufacturing robots using other manufacturing methods. This impacts costs associated with making moulds (which wouldn’t be required now), the efficiency of manufacturing, and other factors.

#5 Increased customisations, control, and aesthetics

One of the most significant benefits of 3D printing robots is the customisations it offers. Unlike a lot of changes and planning that you have to do in other manufacturing processes, manufacturing using 3D printing is mostly all about making changes in your CAD designs and printing them directly.

You get a lot of control to customise and test your ideas without incurring high costs.

This also means that you can effortlessly enhance your robot’s aesthetics.

Streamline your way of 3D printing robots with

Startups and companies often face a lot of challenges while planning the 3D printing of their robots, like finding experienced and reliable manufacturing partners, choosing suitable materials, consulting manufacturing experts for DfM analysis, cost optimisation, and other challenges.

They deal with all these challenges in a diverse market where finding the correct answers is a mighty task.

We at have solved these challenges for startups and companies with our digital manufacturing platform. The platform gives you access to our vast network of engineers, designers, suppliers, and other manufacturing experts. Our network has helped a lot of companies in manufacturing robots (including sophisticated ones) like:

  • in manufacturing a pipeline crawler bot that inspects underground pipeline leaks, contamination, and other critical defects
  • Ati Motors in manufacturing an autonomous, electric tug that moves trolley payloads
  • Peer Robotics in manufacturing a Collaborative Mobile Robot for shop floor and inventory warehouse
  • WCB Robotics in manufacturing wall climbing robots for window cleaning service provider companies, and
  • Rymo in manufacturing a multifunctional physiotherapy device

Using the platform, you can avail 3D printing and other manufacturing services, including end-to-end project management, DfM feedback via our expert engineers, regular QC, audits of suppliers, logistics, payments, solutions for product assembly, product localisation, sharing project files within your organisation on the platform dashboard, viewing your CAD files, and more.

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