Authored by Nitesh

The turnaround time of any manufacturing job is a crucial success factor for projects. Turnaround time can affect medical emergencies for MedTech manufacturing tasks, speed of iterations for new automobile models, R&D for projects, and hundreds of other scenarios.

Turnaround time of CNC parts manufacturing depends on a lot of things, and even if you miss out on one of these factors, speed gets affected, and you cannot complete the manufacturing on time. Knowing these factors in detail and assessing potential manufacturing partners for these factors, however, is a big challenge for companies. helping companies with quick turnaround of CNC parts manufacturing

Numerous manufacturing projects get affected because of various time related challenges, and has solved them with their digital manufacturing platform. This platform is built around all the factors that can impact turnaround times and helps companies stay on top of their manufacturing with all the support they need.

In this blog, we uncover all factors that impact turnaround times and how you can be on your schedule by taking care of these factors with

#1 DfM feedback by expert engineers

The DfM (Design for Manufacturing) concept is about expert opinion on creating detailed designs that are easier to manufacture. DfM feedback takes into account various questions and factors:

  • Materials: Whether the chosen materials are apt for the end use-case of the part and whether the materials make sense in terms of cost.
  • Type of CNC machine: Based on the complexity, whether a 3 axis CNC machine, 5 axis CNC machine, or 12 axis CNC machine is required.
  • Tools selected: This check ensures production is not slowed or halted because of a wrong choice of tools selected for manufacturing.
  • Compliance: Whether the design follows compliance and manufacturing rules set up for the specific part.
  • Competitor review: Expert engineers would review the design based on the designs of competitors and benchmark manufacturing standards.

#2 Complexity of the geometry

The complexity of the geometry of the part to be produced can cause problems during manufacturing, increasing wastage and time for production. The DfM feedback stage would take care of the different layers of a part, ensuring the end product requirement matches the CNC parts manufacturing process.

This plays a significant role in numerous industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, solar, and others.

#3 Digital procurement

Procuring any specific material, tool, or part can reduce production speed. solves this challenge with digital procurement from its vast network of suppliers and manufacturers.

#4 Past experience

Past experience in manufacturing for a particular sector or particular parts help reduce challenges and fasten the turnaround time. has a wide network of suppliers that cater to on-demand manufacturing services. Its digital manufacturing platform quickly connects you with the best-suited CNC parts manufacturer so you can get your manufacturing done quickly and cost-effectively.

#5 Quality audits and follow-up

A minor lapse in any quality control step can mean you might have to redo the manufacturing, which would virtually double the time required for manufacturing. offers end-to-end project management, which includes quality audits and follow-ups ensuring timely production with CNC precision manufacturing.

#6 Cost of production

The cost of materials and overall production should be analysed before manufacturing starts, and our expert engineers and experienced manufacturers assess that based on prior manufacturing that they have done.

#7 Access to expert advice and emergency support 

You might have to face some challenges or problems in manufacturing and having a vast network of manufacturers and expert support means having answers to all challenges. Our network would have answers to almost all manufacturing challenges ensuring the turnaround time for manufacturing is not affected because of any challenges.

The combination of our developed SOPs, group of experts and resources helps provide one of the fastest turnaround times for CNC machining services.

Level up your CNC parts manufacturing with offers all the above benefits for CNC manufacturing services, including:

  • CNC Turning 
  • 3, 4, 5 Axis Machining (HMC/VMC capabilities) 
  • Wide variety of materials (Aluminium, Stainless steel, copper, ABS, Nylon, P20 tool steel, and many others) 
  • High precision tolerances
  • CNC milling
  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Gear hobbing
  • Wide variety of surface finishing options.

You can access all this from our digital manufacturing platform, which gives you access to instant quotations, DfM feedback via our expert engineers, end-to-end project management, sharing project files within your organisation, viewing your CAD files, regular QC, audits of suppliers, logistics, payments, and more.

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