Authored by Nitesh

Digital manufacturing of EV

A recent article shows that funding to Indian EV tech startups hit an all-time high in 2021, nearly reaching USD 444 million (INR 3,307CR) across more than 25 deals, despite the pandemic worry, which is 255% higher than that of funds raised in 2020. Moreover, that’s 12% higher than the pre-pandemic year 2019 when EV startups raised about USD 397 million.

Is one of the startups yours which received fundings? If yes, the next important step would be to manufacture the electric vehicle. While manufacturing, the major hurdle faced is building a supply chain that largely doesn’t exist for this category. It requires years of effort to build a reliable and quality supply chain that matches the needs of this new and upcoming segment. In today’s world, faster go-to-market is important in order to survive the competition and faster go-to-market can be achieved through digital manufacturing.

Benefits of Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing platforms like have anticipated this shift in the industry and its manufacturing requirements and built a reliable supply chain consisting of suppliers of various capacities and capabilities. Having a manufacturing partner can help startups to directly skip the process of building a supply chain. Also, there are other benefits of digital manufacturing such as –

  1. One point solution for every need: EV manufacturing requires multiple manufacturing processes like CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Injection Molding, Sheet Metal fabrication and more. can fulfill all your needs by connecting you with a network of top audited suppliers across the country.
  2. Project Management: takes responsibility for end-to-end manufacturing of the part right from providing manufacturability feedback, design suggestions, choosing the right suppliers, sourcing the raw materials, updating status on the projects and till the delivery of the product. It can strategically optimize the resources for electric mobility startups as they will be free to focus on their core activities like R&D, marketing, sales and more.
  3. Increase the iteration speed: A change in design may involve change in manufacturing processes. Through digital manufacturing, the project can be easily shifted to different suppliers. There is no need of finding a new supplier.
  4. Work at any scale: As the scale of production changes, the project will be shifted to suppliers who match those requirements. This can include prototyping of the first vehicle or mass production of the vehicles!
  5. Achieve local content: Components will be manufactured domestically and hence customers will get incentives under FAME 2 scheme, an Indian government initiative aimed to boost the industry across the country. has worked with several electric mobility companies in the past for manufacturing chassis of electric vehicles, battery boxes, charging enclosures and more. We have performed profile bending operations on pipes, tubes, and channel-section beams to produce a chassis of desired shapes. We have done post-processing like sandblasting and powder coating on the chassis. has also worked with EV charging companies to produce busbars of quantity 500 – 1000 per month. We have developed tooling for performing operations like blanking, piercing, and bending operations on aluminum sheets.

For all your component manufacturing needs, visit Digital Manufacturing Platform. Upload your drawing files and get an instant quote. Once the quote is accepted, we will take care of further process and the manufactured parts will be delivered to you.

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