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Quality of parts has always been a paramount aspect for electronic manufacturers that helps them in staying ahead of the curve. It not only helps in building trust and loyalty among customers but also leads to cost reduction if you address the quality issues early in the production process. It also gives credibility in the marketplace, upholding your brand’s reputation. has always been at the forefront, keeping in check with the updated quality standards, coordinating with suppliers to produce high quality parts whilst keeping the customer requirements in check. 

What are the quality control methods for an EMS provider?

Component Management

We all are aware that electronic products broadly rely on circuit boards, which are made up of tiny intricate parts. Sourcing and component availability are vital factors to consider for this. Challenges that include component shortages, delayed timelines as well as risk of supply chain disruptions, can be prevented, but only if you adhere to the best practices.

Component management practices encompass:

  • Source parts from vetted and certified suppliers 
  • Verify components during design stage
  • Follow supply chain management strategies

Process Management

There are certain quality management processes that ensure the products are fit and comply with the regulatory standards set up by the authorities. Process management includes a set of procedures to be followed by manufacturers during different stages.

A few general guidelines and specifications during  the designing, assembling and manufacturing stages:

  • ISO 9001: General quality management rules.
  • IPC-6011: These guidelines outline basic requirements for printed circuit boards.
  • J-STD-001: It is utilised to offer detailed guidelines for soldered connections in electronics and electrical assemblies.
  • IPC 610-A: This is the most commonly employed inspection standard for electronic items, aiming to standardise the assembly process.

Data Management

Data management is an essential aspect for faultless products. Poor data management practices can lead to reduced efficiency and productivity as well as lost opportunities due to lack of agility.

Effective data management strategies include the following:

  • Create a centralised data repository, ensuring consistency across the company.
  • Define key data elements and attributes, including product descriptions, specifications, and pricing.
  • Implement data quality controls to maintain accuracy and completeness. 
  • Ensure accessibility to product data through APIs and integration with other systems for widespread usability.

How does take care of the quality aspects as an EMS provider?

Sourcing of Quality Components

Potential issues can arise based on the type of intricate components chosen for each board and their proper attachment. holds a supplier base that specialises in electronic components production. We make sure the supply of reliable high-quality parts is not interrupted with our vast supplier base, offering scalable manufacturing solutions. 

Regular Testing and Inspection

Testing and inspection is not conducted only at the final stage of the product. It has to be taken care of at different stages, i.e. assembly, manufacturing and when the final product is made. Even the components that are to be used at early stages go through thorough examination. detects and rectifies defects with regular testing, ensuring that products meet the required quality standards before reaching customers.

Supplier Management has carefully selected suppliers that provide high-quality materials and components. We have also  maintained open communication channels such as the supplier and procurement portal, to address any issues promptly and in a simplified manner. We have fostered strong relationships with suppliers, making sure that the quality standards are kept in check, throughout the supply chain.

Compliance to Regulatory Standards ensures compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. We take care of product quality, safety and market acceptance to maintain customer trust as well as safety from potential risks. 

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