Authored by Nitesh

The exponential growth of the drone sector in India has resulted in drones being used in almost every sector. This growth has also led to the Indian Government taking various initiatives to regulate the sector and make drone flying safe for everyone. One of the most significant points in the history of drone policy India would be The Drone Rules, 2021 by The Ministry of Civil Aviation, which has laid out rules for every person involved in the sector.

Currently, there are different rules and policies for drone pilots, manufacturers, R&D organizations, and others. However, there still is confusion about these regulations among different stakeholders in the drone sector.

This blog talks about different regulations brought out by the Government for drone pilots, manufacturers, and other stakeholders.

Regulations for drone owners and operators

Getting the UIN number for your drone

Anyone who owns or operates a drone through leasing/renting or other ways must have a drone license India to fly it. The DGCA has created the Digital Sky Platform, which you can use to register your drone.

After completing all the formalities and submitting the documents, you will receive a UIN number for your drone from the Digital Sky Platform.

Getting the remote pilot certificate/drone license

After having your drone registered, you need a flying license as per the drone policy India to operate a drone. To get the certification, you must be 18-65 years of age and attend a training authorized by DGCA. You also have to pass a written exam to get your certification.

Understanding Green, Yellow, and Red fly zones

The Government has divided different areas into 3 colour codes – Green, Yellow and Red. These colours give drone operators an idea about areas where they can fly without permission, with permission, or not fly at all. You can find the map of different zones on the Digital Sky Platform.

Green Area – This is where you need no permission to fly a drone.

Yellow Area – This is where you need special permission to fly a drone.

Red Area – This is where you cannot fly a drone. Red areas include the military and other areas where flying a drone can be a national security risk.

Getting your drone insured

Third-party insurance for drone flying has also been made mandatory. Before you fly your drone, it must be third-party insured.

No Permission, No Takeoff (NPNT) Drone Policy India

Per the No Permission, No Takeoff (NPNT) policy, operators need permission before flying a drone. You can get this permission using the Digital Sky Platform.

Regulations for manufacturers of drones

Manufacturers need to get type certifications from DGCA for their drone models. The complete process of obtaining the certification consists of various steps:

  • Creating prototypes and getting them approved
  • Getting the appropriate testing done
  • Taking care of safety features
  • Different types of documents based on a few factors

If you are a new manufacturer, you might need the help of a drone expert/consultant to complete the whole process of certification as per the drone policy India. However, the Government has made the process very easy using the Digital Sky Platform.

Ban on importing drones and components in India

In a significant push to promote the domestic manufacturing of drones, the Indian Government has banned the import of drones and their components in India.

Things you need to know

There are a lot of regulations and rules when it comes to drone manufacturing or operation. The above information must have given you an idea of the drone policy India for different drone stakeholders.

However, you must consult an expert and read all the rules and regulations stipulated by the Government.

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