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Governement PLI schemes to manufacture medical devices in India

The Indian medical devices industry is expected to grow at 2.5x the global growth rate, which equates to a CAGR of 15%, as per figures on the Government’s Invest India website. Multiple reasons are contributing to the exponential growth, with a big push coming from the Government.

The Government has launched medical devices PLI schemes along with the introduction of the Medical Devices Parks scheme, which is all set to change the MedTech manufacturing outlook in India. We shall explore how these schemes provide subsidy on medical equipment and are uplifting the medical manufacturing industry as a whole.

PLI Scheme 1.0

The Production Linked Incentives Scheme (PLI) has been launched to promote domestic medical device manufacturing in India and foreign investment in the sector.

Sectors covered in the scheme include:

  • Cancer care devices
  • Radiology and imaging devices
  • Anaesthetics devices
  • Implants
  • And others

The scheme consists of incentives of around ₹ 3,420 crores. The scheme was introduced to help alleviate specific challenges in the medical manufacturing sector, like:

  • Lack of adequate infrastructure
  • High cost of finance available
  • Problems in the availability of power
  • Challenges in domestic supply chain and logistics
  • Low focus on R&D and skill development in India
  • Limited design capabilities

The tenure of the scheme is from FY 2020-21 to FY 2027-28.

PLI Scheme 2.0

With a total quantum of incentives of about Rs 15,000 crores, PLI 2.0 is an enhanced scheme that will take India’s manufacturing capabilities to the next level by improving the overall manufacturing ecosystem. It aims to also contribute to product diversification to high-value goods in the pharmaceutical sector.

This scheme will improve the global positioning of Indian companies in terms of manufacturing capabilities and other factors that influence it.

To help ensure the scheme reaches a wide area of the industry, the Government has created three groups, i.e., Group A, B, and C, based on the Global Manufacturing Revenue (GMR) contributed by the manufacturers who will benefit from the scheme.

The scheme’s tenure is from 2020-21 to the financial year 2028-29.

Medical Devices Parks scheme

With incentives of Rs.400 crores, the Medical Devices Parks scheme aims to develop world-class standard testing and infrastructure facilities to boost the manufacturing of medical devices in India.

This scheme will create manufacturing clusters (Medical Devices Parks) that will:

  • Help reduce the cost of manufacturing
  • Increase affordability and accessibility of medical devices
  • Create a world-class manufacturing environment for global exports
  • Decrease friction points linked to medical device manufacturing

4 medical parks in 4 Indian states are set up, that include Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. The scheme’s tenure is FY 2020-2021 to FY 2024-2025.

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