Authored by Nitesh

Rise of drone technology in India.

Statements by the Civil Aviation Ministry in India suggest that the Indian drone industry will reach a turnover of Rs. 15,000 Crore by 2026. This would be an exponential rise from current numbers because of the increased adoption of drones, numerous use cases, and policy push by the Government.

Drone technology in India is redefining traditional systems in almost every industrial sector, and anyone venturing into drone manufacturing must know different use cases and trends.

Industries impacted by drone technology

Major areas that are getting impacted by drone technology include:

Agriculture and livestock management

Agriculture forms one of the most significant sectors where drones are used. Drones help with effective and cost-efficient crop monitoring and related activities like spraying, estimations, insurance surveys, irrigation planning, data generation, and many other activities. Drone technology in India is also effective in livestock management and helps farmers prevent mishaps with effective and automated surveillance.

Defence and Disaster Management

Drones have the potential to help the Army, Navy, Airforce, border security, and other defence sectors. Use cases include surveillance of key areas, computer-assisted attacks, communication, inspections, delivery of arms, and many other examples. Drones have also proved crucial in emergencies like floods to supply essential supplies like food, medicines and other aid. 


Drones have the potential to significantly reduce accidents and remove human requirements in monitoring, inspections, surveying, and other activities such as detecting hot spots, finding potential risks, surface optimisation, and other areas.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery companies are working on increasing the adoption of drone technology in India to increase delivery speeds and efficiency. In the near future, food delivery companies will use drones to fast-track food deliveries.

Weather forecast

Agencies use drones to predict climate emergencies like hurricanes and help people get knowledge about the characteristics of weather conditions.

Railways and other ways of transportation

Drone technology in India helps railways and road transport Government departments to conduct efficient surveillance and respond to emergencies. Another important use case is monitoring construction areas and managing maintenance projects.

Inspections in Govt. departments

Almost every Government department conducts inspections of some sort, and drones help remove human involvement from inspections. Some examples include petroleum-linked sectors, forests, climate change, environment, power, ports, and numerous other areas.

Entertainment, Information broadcasting, and videography

Drone technology in India is a big part of commercial photography and videography, especially in events, marriages, concerts, etc. Within the information broadcasting sector, drones have successfully replaced helicopters and have the potential to remove accidents that occur due to human involvement.

Solar panel inspections

Drones equipped with sensors and detectors help survey solar panels to ensure they maintain their efficiency. These inspections detect problems and issues that can be solved to maintain high output. Drones basically replace human inspections, helping with cost, speed, and efficiency.

Numerous companies in India are already doing amazing work in the drones’ segment like General Aeronautics, Zen Technologies, Idea Forge Technology, and others.

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