Authored by Nitesh

Introduction – Client Overview

The Indian medical device industry is growing rapidly and poised with steady growth. However, the opportunity to serve patients with innovation and technological advancements also brings in significant challenges to medical device manufacturers. The medtech market requires a strategic focus on product quality along with a consistent product manufacturing process and supplier network to cater to dynamic processes and control parameters.

A medtech company founded to provide international quality neonatal products approached for manufacturing of infant radiant warmers. Their intensive care equipment for newborns with a mission to reduce mortality rates has helped them build a breakthrough in medical technology. Their main product Infant radiant warmers are one of the first in the country with significant innovations aimed at facilitating newborn care.

Criticalities of the project

The client did not have a detailed drawing and tolerance specification of the product to be manufactured. This was a major challenge encountered in the project, since the limitations in terms of overall product dimensions would lead to an increase in the project timeline. Additionally, this would also lead to communication challenges pertaining to the manufacturing requirement exacting quality and regulatory standards. 

The in-house engineering team of took on the entire project of not only analyzing the structural integrity of the product but also providing design recommendations to ensure cost-effectiveness while maintaining the international quality standards. Solution – Reverse Engineering of the Product

The client had a limitation of not having detailed drawings of the product to facilitate the product development process and instead had a set of parts similar to the manufacturing requirements which was then used as a reference to build the product. The engineering team of deconstructed the sample parts of the product offered by the client in order to extract the design requirements from them. This way the engineering team was able to unveil information about the original design and construction of the project.

When reverse engineering the structure of the infant radiant warmer, the key dimensions and attributes of the part elements were critically analyzed to extract the product performance capacity. For this coordinate measuring machines (CMM) was employed to gain accurate readings of the product’s specifications which were automatically logged in the’s product database. After all the pertinent information had been gathered and recorded, this data was then used to create CAD drawings for subsequent analysis and development.

Sheet metal fabrication & 7-tank powder coating process

The CAD drawings created were used to prepare a plan for the sheet metal fabrication process. In order to provide a sturdy design with durable and long-lasting resistance to chemicals and corrosion, the manufacturing team of recommended a 7-tank powder coating for the infant radiant warmer. As part of the process, Zinc Phosphate Solution is applied which helps in making the coating of the sheet metal surface smooth and uniform.

Supply chain consolidation and flexibility has a wide network of supplier bases specially equipped with advanced manufacturing techniques to cater to medical device equipment. The in-house engineering expertise of works in conjunction with these suppliers for seamless execution of the manufacturing requirements. The digital manufacturing platform of has anticipated and carefully analyzed the manufacturing requirements of the medical device industry and has built a reliable supply chain with various capacities and capabilities.

With, the client team realized that they could significantly reduce the cycle time by automating the workflow tasks of sourcing & management, quoting and quality control. The complete manufacturing of infant radiant warmer was completed within a mere span of 15 days, exacting all the quality, documentation and inspection requirements.

Medtech Manufacturing with

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