Job description - Full Time, Bangalore

Karkhana.io is transforming B2B manufacturing in India through the digitalization of the vendor ecosystem: manufacturing, procurement, and project management. Our unique on-demand manufacturing platform provides a highly intuitive experience of custom parts manufacturing. We are developing a strong network of vendors to provide services encompassing CNC Machining, 3D Printing Services, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and injection Molding for prototyping projects and mass production.

The company has been founded by an IIT Bombay alumna, Sonam Motwani. She is making her mark in the manufacturing sector and is inspiring others to think beyond the ordinary and follow their passion.

Karkhana.io raised $ 1.5 million at the seed-stage round led by Vertex Ventures SEA & India. In the quest to make on-demand manufacturing a reality in India, we know that our greatest asset is our team. Meet our team and become a part of the team to realize the vision for #MakeInIndia together.

Job Description – Manufacturing Engineer:

We are working on making manufacturing simple and accessible for everyone and we are looking for passionate engineers to join us in building a strong supply network.


  • Project Planning: Collaborate with Sourcing Team and Sales Team to define project scope, objectives, and deliverables. Develop detailed project plans, including schedules, milestones, and resource allocation.
  • Budget Management: Monitor and manage project budgets, including tracking expenses, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and ensuring that the project stays within the allocated budget.
  • Resource Coordination: Coordinate with cross-functional teams and vendors to ensure that all necessary resources, materials, and equipment are available for project execution.
  • Technical Expertise: Possess a strong understanding of the technical aspects of the project and provide engineering support and expertise throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Risk Management: Identify potential risks and challenges that may impact project timelines or quality. Develop risk mitigation plans and implement corrective actions when necessary.
  • Documentation: Maintain detailed project documentation, Project Tracker, engineering drawings, specifications, and any other relevant records.
  • Quality Assurance: Coordinate with QA Team & Implement quality control procedures to ensure that the project meets the required standards and specifications.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Ensure that all projects comply with relevant industry standards, codes, regulations, and safety guidelines.
  • Communication: Facilitate effective communication among team members, stakeholders, and management to keep everyone informed about project progress and updates on ERP.
  • Problem-Solving: Address technical and logistical challenges that may arise during the project and provide timely solutions to ensure smooth project execution.


  • Education: A bachelor’s degree or diploma in mechanical engineering or a related field is typically required.
  • Experience: 2-3 years experience in manufacturing or project management is often preferred.
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in engineering principles and concepts, as well as familiarity with project management tools and software. Should have knowledge of CNC machining, sheet metal
  • Analytical Abilities: Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills to analyze project data and make informed decisions.
  • Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively collaborate with teams and vendors.
  • Leadership: Demonstrated leadership capabilities to lead and motivate teams to achieve project goals.
  • Time Management: Effective time management skills to prioritize tasks and manage project schedules efficiently.
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to changing project requirements and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

You Enjoy:

  • High Accountability & Visibility
  • The growth phase of the organization and an opportunity to set up world-class processes.
  • Developing a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, costing and adopting new ways to solve operational challenges
  • Dealing with uncertainty in a fast-paced target focused environment. Working with people across diverse teams – from clients to manufacturing partners.