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Research firm “Research and Market” estimates that India’s UAV market will be worth $1.81 billion (Rs. 13,575 crores) by FY26. As a result, startups, SMEs, and enterprises will venture into the drone business in the coming years. Out of these, there are the ones who currently have limited information about drones. For them, this blog provides essential information on drones.

For manufacturing the drone, one needs to know the essential parts of the drone and its function. After getting the know-how of parts used in the drone, the company can decide the core activity of its business according to the technological capabilities they possess. Then, the company can outsource non-core activities to vendors. The below section shows the essential parts present in the drone.

graphical representation of drone usages

Drone Parts

The section discusses the essential parts present in the drone. Considering all types of drones, the units present in the drone include payload unit, aerodynamic unit, propulsion unit, electronics unit, and landing unit. Every unit consists of some parts. Let’s have a look at it.

Payload Unit

The task of this unit is to carry the loads present in the drone. The payload unit contains parts known as fuselage and frames.

Aerodynamic Unit

The task of this unit is to generate a lift force for the drone. The unit contains parts known as wings and control surfaces. Wings move the drone up and down. Control surfaces include ailerons, rudder, and elevators to rotate the drone in all three axes (X, Y, and Z).

Propulsion Unit

The task of this unit is to generate thrust that is required to provide upward, downward and sideways motion to the drone. The propulsion unit consists of batteries, motors, and propellers. The battery provides energy to the motor, which rotates the propeller for generating thrust.

Electronics Unit

The task of this unit is to send and receive signals for controlling the parts present in the remaining units of the drone. Ex: Sending signals to control the RPM of the motor. The parts present in this unit include Flight Controller, Electronic Speed Controller, Transmitter-receiver, etc.

Landing Unit

The task of this unit is to land the drone safely. The unit consists of landing gears and accessories.

There are still a lot of sub-parts and accessories present in every unit and can be procured from drone parts manufacturers present in India. The following section shows the list of drone manufacturing companies in India in the form of a map that includes drone parts manufacturers and other types of manufacturers. The list will help know the vendors and competitors present in the market.

Drone manufacturing companies in India

The below map shows the drone manufacturing companies present in India. At the top right corner, there is a drop-down list. The list contains the name of all the drone manufacturing companies. If somebody wants to figure out the city where the company is located, they can deselect all companies and then select the required company. Below the drop-down list, there are filters regarding the types of drone companies: Agricultural drones, Counter drones, Military drones, and Drone Spare Parts Manufacturers. is India’s foremost B2B on-demand manufacturing platform. Our manufacturing capabilities encompass 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, vacuum casting, and sheet metal fabrication. has capabilities to manufacture custom drone parts and components. We can make drone parts out of Carbon Fiber (CF), polymers, metals, and other materials. We work with startups, SMEs, and enterprises from the start of building prototypes till the production of the drone. Our unique product platform ( makes it easy for customers to submit RFQs within clicks, get quotations within days, get instant DFM feedback, get design and manufacturing counsel, and track production status and shipment. 

The below table shows the parts manufactured by 

Along with this basic information in manufacturing, one needs to know the rules set by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Manufacturing drones without complying with these rules will be a waste of effort. Therefore, the following section highlights some key points of Drone Rules 2021.

Drone Rules 2021

Some key points of drone rules 2021 are:

1. The rules shall apply to:

  • all persons owning or possessing, or engaged in leasing, operating, transferring or maintaining an unmanned aircraft system in India; 
  • all unmanned aircraft systems that are registered in India; and
  • all unmanned aircraft systems that are being operated for the time being, in or over India.

2. The provisions of Aircraft Rules, 1937 shall apply to unmanned aircraft systems only if the maximum all-up-weight exceeds 500 kilograms.

3. These rules shall not apply to an unmanned aircraft system belonging to, or used by, the naval, military or air forces of the Union of India

4. No person shall operate an unmanned aircraft system in India unless such unmanned aircraft system conforms to a type certificate or is exempted from the requirement of a type certificate under these rules.
5. Import of unmanned aircraft systems shall be regulated by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) or any other entity authorized by the Central Government.

DGFT issued an order on February 9, 2022 which prohibited import of drones in Completely-Built-Up, Semi-Knock-Down or Completely-Knock-Down forms. Import of drones will be allowed by government entities, educational institutions recognized by the Central or State governments, government recognized R&D institutes and drone manufacturers.

The order also says that import of drone components is “free” implying that no permission is needed from the DGFT.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Civil Aviation website.

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