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Surface finish involves applying surface modification, film, and coating technologies to design the material’s surface and matrix as a system. This prevents the material’s surface finish from achieving the intended system engineering performance.

What are the functions of surface finish for CNC machined parts?

Most efficiently and cost-effectively, CNC machined surface finishing modifies the morphology, chemical composition, and organizational structure of the surface and near-surface area of materials or provides materials with a new surface.

Why is Machining Surface Finish Important for CNC Machined Parts?

  • It makes the metal more resistant to corrosion.

Metal parts and surfaces are significantly destroyed by corrosion. Rust on metal surfaces degrades the quality of such components, making it impossible for them to carry out their functions fully.

  • It improves the metal’s appearance.

Some customers value a product’s appearance just as highly as its functionality. This is because your product’s appearance conveys a lot about it. Your CNC machined parts will have the best possible appearance thanks to the numerous metal surface treatments available.

  • It makes manufacturing easier.

Manufacturing will be significantly simpler with a properly done machining surface finish. For instance, paint clings better to a surface that has been brushed or sanded. The stress of the manufacturer is lessened as a result.

What is the Current Status Of Surface Finish Technology On CNC Machined Parts?

  • Surface Spray Technology

The coating technique of organic polymer coating is mostly used in surface spraying in the mechanical CNC precision parts processing business and is employed throughout the entire mechanical manufacturing process.

  • Chemical Processing Technology

In many CNC-machined construction machinery parts, chemical surface finish technology is used primarily as a coating pretreatment, an anti-rust pretreatment, and a final anti-rust decorative treatment. Phosphoring is the primary method used in coating pretreatment, and it can increase the adherence of the coating to the surface of iron and steel parts.

Due to the environmental damage that phosphating waste liquid causes and the high expense of environmental protection treatment, many businesses are actively looking into phosphorus-free and other environmentally friendly phosphating replacement technology.

  • Surface Strengthening Technology

Shot blasting strengthening technology and surface heat treatment technology are the main surface strengthening techniques used in CNC production. They are utilized to reinforce the surfaces of gear and shaft sleeve transmission parts. Enhancing toughness and resistance to wear.

  • Surface Heat Treatment Technique

By altering the structure of materials to satisfy their performance requirements, heat treatment is a crucial step for rotating CNC machined components and connecting pins of CNC machines. Cone spline gear is produced using three separate heat treatments, the final one being carburizing and quenching to increase the surface hardness and wear resistance.

What are the Various Factors To Consider When Choosing A CNC Machining Surface Finish?

  • The applications of the product

Different environmental factors, such as vibrations, heat, moisture, UV radiation, etc., are applied to various CNC machined parts. You may choose wisely if you carefully consider who and what the product is for.

  • Durability 

How long you want your product to last is a question you must ask yourself. Manufacturing involves a lot of durabilities. The raw material is important in this case, but you must also consider the machining surface polish. Durability is a factor in enhancing the worth of your finished product. Therefore, you should pick the appropriate finish.

  • Dimensions of the part

It’s crucial to remember that machining surface finish can alter a part’s dimensions. Thick finishes like powder coating may increase the surface thickness of the metal substance.


Surface finishing is the very last phase in the entire process of CNC machining, and it plays an important role in improving the look of the components by eradicating defects and enhancing their overall appearance. is designed to help you save time and effort by efficiently pairing you with the person that best suits your needs. This strategy was developed to help you concentrate on generating higher-quality goods and aiding you in doing so.

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