Vacuum casting

Vacuum or Urethane casting provides end-use, rigid or flexible plastic parts with production-level quality. Vacuum casting process uses a 3D printed SLA master pattern and silicone molds to produce high-quality, short-run parts without expensive and time-consuming hard tooling


This process is a quick, cost-effective way to produce 10-200 units with production-level quality without having to invest in expensive tooling. It involves three main steps:
1. Create master pattern using 3D printing
2. Build the mold by pouring silicone around master
3. Pour PU resin into mold, create casting under vacuum
Typically, each silicone mold will produce 20-25 castings.


We offer a wide range of rigid and flexible urethane cast materials, from very soft and flexible (Shore A) to extremely rigid and impact resistant (Shore D). Parts are cast in a color that is blended to your specifications. Different materials can be used with the same mold, making it possible to test designs with a variety of materials.

Urethane cast product


Urethane cast parts are shipped within 15 business days, depending on order specifications and volume. By contrast, injection molded parts can take months to build.

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