Manufacturing of Ophthalmic Equipment

Ophthalmic Equipment

Rapid technological advancements have led to the development and manufacturing of sophisticated medical products. Ophthalmology is a medical speciality that deals with complications related to the eye. The medical equipment required under this medical speciality revolve around diagnosis, treatments and analysis of eye conditions. The Manufacturing Processes Involved: Ophthalmic instruments require conceptualisation, prototyping and refinement. […]

Intelligent Manufacturing of  ICU Equipment

ICU Equipment

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at every hospital requires sophisticated medical equipment to treat critically ill patients. It is a separate area within a medical facility to treat life threatening conditions.  High-tech specialised facilities are used for monitoring and intervention. The multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach requires coordinated care of patients by a team of healthcare […]

Manufacturing Pediatric Medical Devices

Pedriatic Medical Devices

Resorting to smart solutions across medical specialties has brought about varied changes in terms of manufacturing the right device for a specific age group. Certain medical equipment are designed specifically for children, used particularly to conduct intricate surgeries and treat special illnesses.  On a lot of occasions, a baby is born with certain complications that […]

Medical Device Manufacturing: Import and Export trends

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With growing population, aging population, growing medical tourism, demand for healthcare infrastructure, and increasing health insurance penetration, there is a growing demand for medical devices in India. To meet this demand, various clusters of medical device manufacturing are present across the states in India. The past few years data shows that this growing demand is […]