Finding the right way of product development in Robotics: EVT, DVT, and PVT

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Automation manufacturing powered by industrial robots has penetrated into almost every industrial sector in India. From humanoid robots to industrial robots and disaster response robots, robotics is changing every traditional industry and is uplifting the quality of life for humans. Increased adoption and rising demand have given birth to numerous companies in the robotics space, […]

Karkhana.io caters to a kitchen automation startup’s manufacturing woes

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About Company Industry:  Kitchen Automation Product: Fryer for deep frying of snacks Why Karkhana.io? Customer Challenges:  Low-volume manufacturing of front display cover along with technical issues in joining and assembly. Capabilities Leveraged:  Sheet metal fabrication – laser cutting, bending, clinching of fasteners, welding, and buffing Problem: Towards the end of last year, a kitchen automation company approached Karkhana.io with […]

Kitchen Automation and its manufacturing challenges

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Kitchen automation is broadly defined as the process of using robots or automated equipment that are designed for cooking food with precision while ensuring utmost quality and hygiene. In India, modern lifestyles aided by easy access to the mobile internet has changed the way people think about their next meal. This shift in lifestyle has […]

What manufacturers need to know about food safe materials?

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The question for hygienic food many times arises for foods prepared by cooking robots in automated kitchens. Will the metallic and plastic elements leach into food? Will it react with the food? The cooking robots are manufactured using specific materials known as ‘food-grade’ materials and in accordance with national and international standards. Let’s know in detail. What is food […]

7 Benefits of a Fully/Semi Automatic Kitchen for Cloud Kitchens

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The evolving nature of consumer behaviour and increased demand after the pandemic has forced transformations in the cloud kitchen industry. No one can ignore the exponential growth, with numbers suggesting the global cloud kitchen market growth will reach $89.5 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 11.4%. In these times of growth, cloud kitchen concept […]