Different Types of Robots and How They Are Prototyped with On-Demand Manufacturing

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From education to industrial automation, entertainment, disaster response, consumer needs, aerospace, and more, robots are changing how things are done in almost every sector. With numerous use cases and new inventions coming out, it isn’t easy to categorise the vast umbrella of the types of robots. However, every startup or company planning to manufacture robots […]

Types of Enclosure Designs and Choosing the Right One For Your Smart Device

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Making decisions regarding the manufacturing of the right enclosure for smart devices is a crucial task for every IoT device company. Your decisions impact the safety, cost, durability, accessibility, and aesthetics of the device at the same time. A major reason for the confusion during the decision phase is that there are different types of […]

The Only Guide you Need to Manufacture Durable Smart Door Lock Enclosures

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Smart door locks have revolutionised and transformed the way individuals use door locks all across the world. Smart locks have enabled remote access for properties, enhanced home security, prevented burglaries, opened new business opportunities for property owners, are reprogrammable and responsible for numerous other benefits. While the market for smart door locks is expanding, companies […]

Understanding RoHS Certification and Its Relevance in IoT Device Enclosures

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RoHS compliance is an important consideration for IoT and other electronic and electrical device companies, especially the ones that export and sell to the European Union. Along with other certifications, RoHS certification helps prevent the usage of hazardous substances in the manufacturing of electrical and electronic devices. This article explores RoHS compliance and related things […]

The Pro Guide on Making Your IoT Device Safe and WeatherProof: Sealing, IP Ratings and More


Safety, security, and the weatherproof factor are critical considerations before planning the manufacturing of any type of IoT device enclosure. IoT devices contain sophisticated electrical components that must be protected from heat, dust, water, moisture, and accidents. Small challenges can create hazardous situations in the case of IoT devices, making safety and the weatherproof factor […]