What is Injection Molding? | Processes, Types and Materials

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Summary Plastic products are present everywhere around us which includes combs, toothbrushes, knobs, toys, chairs, etc. Most of these products are manufactured using Injection Molding machines. The injection molding machine is a versatile machine. It can manufacture plastic products at a breakneck speed and can produce a high volume of products annually. The article covers […]

Five Things You Need To Know About Injection Molding

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For successful injection molding, below are the five know-hows that everybody must know 1. Consider shrinkage factor to achieve part of required size Upon cooling, the thermoplastic material shrinks. If the mold is designed considering only the part size, then the molded part will have size less than the required size due to shrinking. Therefore, mold […]

Benefits of Injection Moulding in Medical Device Manufacturing

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Plastic components in medical devices, parts, and equipment are part of almost every medical product one can think of. Because of factors like sturdiness, one-time use, storage, size, easier to shape, and others, it is the perfect choice in specific use cases. The best way to manufacture plastic parts, equipment, and more has been the plastic […]