Most Common Types of Drones Manufactured in India You Must Know About

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Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), have emerged from being entertaining and video-recording flying objects to sophisticated aerial vehicles that are helping the armed forces, farmers, and numerous other industries like mining, surveillance, railways, and others. Drones are disrupting traditional systems by bringing in automation in crucial tasks that have conventionally required a […]

How Karkhana.io is bringing speed to drone manufacturing in India

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Drone manufacturing represents one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. With numerous initiatives and programs started by the Government (including Drone shakti scheme) and the adoption of drones in almost every business sector, drones are becoming the future of multiple business processes. However, the same exponential change cannot be seen in the ease of getting […]

How are Drones Revolutionizing the Mining and Surveillance Industry

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Drones are helping save lives and improve conditions in an industry known for some of the most hazardous sites for workers, i.e., mining. At some mining sites, drones have completely changed traditional ways of working by providing technologically advanced methods that help to prevent gas leaks, floods, rock falls, and explosions and reduce human involvement […]

A Complete Guide to Government Initiatives pushing Local Drone Manufacturing in India

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A big part of the exponential growth in the drone sector is attributed to numerous Government schemes and policies that are pushing local drone manufacturing. The Government has identified the scope of using drones in numerous business sectors and has created numerous policies to help businesses adopt and benefit from drones and their manufacture. There […]