Everything you need to know for CNC machining Copper

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In order to dissipate heat and provide superior electric conductivity in various electronic components, copper is a perfect metal to employ. Copper is a great conductor of both heat and electricity. However, working with copper may be very challenging. Copper is difficult for CNC machining because it is a soft metal and it is also […]

Types of materials for CNC machining and how to choose the right one for your part

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The adaptability of CNC machining is one of its many benefits. This is due to the fact that precise CNC milling and turning can successfully generate final products from a very wide range of materials. This allows design engineers a wide range of alternatives when it comes to making commercial items and prototypes. How To […]

Calculating the Cost of CNC Machining Parts ‍

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Despite developments in various technologies, CNC machining remains one of the most cost-effective solutions for on-demand production to date. Its value in cutting metals and other hard materials is undeniable. This article will shed light on the many considerations made by machine shops when estimating prices. It will also provide practical advice on how to […]

Selecting the right plastic material for CNC Machining


Using plastics in CNC machining is highly relevant for low-volume production, things with close tolerance dimensions, and objects with complex mold structures. Machining plastic is an effective manufacturing method. Many different polymers are available for CNC machining. While some are designed for lower cost and lower performance, others are highly engineered and have remarkable performance. […]

What are the most common cutting tools for CNC machining?

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Various cutting tools allow CNC machining centers to produce components with simple and complex geometries. To be more precise, each device serves a unique function. CNC machining’s adaptability as a production method directly results from the wide variety of tools available for use, such as drills, bits, and mills.  What type of cutting tools do […]

Understanding the basics of CNC machining and how does it work

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Introduction Precision is something we always seek in the field of manufacturing and machines. Machines that are precise can be the difference between precisely meeting requirements and coming close. That’s a significant difference. CNC (computer numerical control) equipment can offer the machine precision you require. What is CNC Machining? CNC machining can be defined as when […]