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Solar Panel Manufacturing
Solar Panel Manufacturing

As the market dynamics of the renewable energy sector are changing each day, it is becoming necessary to hire additional specialists to gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

Selecting the right outsourcing partner for manufacturing solar panel accessories like inverter box, junction boxes, solar panel frames, solar PVs etc. enables solar panel companies to meet market demands whilst maintaining high-quality standards.

A Five-step checklist to pick the right outsourcing partner

1. A Robust Supplier Management to match your Business Goals

Product quality and authenticity directly impact the performance of your product, eventually determining your stand in the market. An experienced outsourcing partner ensures that only high-quality materials are used to manufacture a reliable and durable product.

Apart from this, rigorous supplier evaluations are conducted by your outsourcing partner, to assess the capabilities and compliance with industry standards. This also involves monitoring suppliers’ performance to ensure consistency whilst disallowing halts and delays.

2. Evaluate your expectations with their expertise

There are always certain aspects that determine the efficiency of the outsourcing partner. Despite the fact that most manufacturers only go about finding a partner that offers low-cost services, always consider whether the criticalities involved in your manufacturing services are met with efficiency. Consider the following factors while determining a provider for outsourcing services:

  • Range of services offered
  • Direct involvement with instant communication
  • Customisations and flexibility
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Security Policies
  • Expansion capacity without halts or delays
  • Expertise and specialisation
  • Cost-quality tradeoff

3. Determine their credibility

Transparency and communication between your solar panel business and outsourcing partner forms the bedrock of your alliance. Make sure whether the communication policy of the manufacturer provides transparent solutions with real-time updates. This visibility helps in tracking the project’s status and making informed decisions promptly. 

4. Check their planning strategies

Apart from the expertise in skill, the planning aspect holds equal value. Budget and time-planning are the key roles that determine the common ground of the project. This ensures optimal inventory management that minimises the risks of supply chain disruptions. Along with this, it also includes efficient resource allocation for maximum productivity and cost effectiveness.

5. Embracing Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Incorporation of technological advancements provides flexibility and product customisation. An outsourcing partner with advanced manufacturing technologies offers high-quality solutions. This enables rapid prototyping and quick product iterations. Apart from this, advanced manufacturing helps overall improvement of the product, whilst focusing on core competencies.

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Our flexible manufacturing services enable us to service client orders of all sizes from small batches to large volumes. We also help many of our clients in solving complex product assembly and localization problems.

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