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Pedriatic Medical Devices 1
Pedriatic Medical Devices

Resorting to smart solutions across medical specialties has brought about varied changes in terms of manufacturing the right device for a specific age group. Certain medical equipment are designed specifically for children, used particularly to conduct intricate surgeries and treat special illnesses. 

On a lot of occasions, a baby is born with certain complications that require the use of equipment with detailed measurements, to carry out certain procedures. This scenario requires the professionals to have all the required devices handy, in proximity, to conduct the necessities in the stipulated time. 

Infant incubator
Infant incubator

Standardised Manufacturing to meet your Unique Requirements

With this urgent and evolving scenario, manufacturing of pediatric medical devices has taken an upward spiral. The development and commercialisation of such devices, used on infants and minors, require precision methods for manufacturing. 

At, we manufacture devices, catering to our customers by following stringent regulations with the necessary license requirements. Our network of 400+ vetted and certified suppliers provides you with expansion capacity, not leaving any space for halts or delays.

Meeting the Regulatory Compliances

Infants are a subpopulation with unique characteristics and sensitivities. Adhering to regulatory compliances minimises the risk of harm or adverse events. At, we adhere to the compliance standards, giving you quality assurance and accuracy. Regulations such as ISO 13485 and the Medical Device Rules are the essential quality requirements followed by our suppliers. 

Infant Feeding Tube

Supplier Control and Transparency

To provide our customers transparency and accountability, our suppliers follow stringent quality checks at regular intervals, providing you with credible products and services. Raw material traceability along with sterilisation processes are an integral part of our manufacturing. With each equipment  undergoing rigorous inspections, functionality and trustworthiness form the basis of our client relationship.

Competencies of

Implication of smooth supply-chain management along with manufacturing expertise, has provided us with a strong clientbase. 

Partner with to meet your precision manufacturing needs with reliance and efficiency. Our direct involvement in the manufacturing site shall provide you with fast-turnaround times with instant communication. 

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