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Blog Images 2023 07 09T235057.695

Rapid technological advancements have led to the development and manufacturing of sophisticated medical products. Ophthalmology is a medical speciality that deals with complications related to the eye. The medical equipment required under this medical speciality revolve around diagnosis, treatments and analysis of eye conditions.

The Manufacturing Processes Involved:

  • Design and Engineering-

Ophthalmic instruments require conceptualisation, prototyping and refinement. At this initial stage, the designers and engineers make sure that the equipment meets the specific safety and usability standards.

  • Raw Material Selection-

As durability and compatibility play a significant role, raw materials form the basis of ophthalmic instruments. High-quality materials are selected which include optical-grade plastics, metal and glass.

  • Precision Machining-

The techniques that involve precision machining are used to construct the components of the equipment. CNC machining is used to give shape to the device accurately into the desired structure and size. This brings optimum results in terms of dimensions and surfaces.

  • Product Assembly and Integration-

Once the respective components are manufactured, they are assembled together to form the equipment. Proper alignment and connectivity of the various parts are conducted to form the final product.

  • Quality control-

Repetitive quality testing is implemented to ensure performance and reliability, throughout the manufacturing process. This includes calibration, functional tests and safety checks.

  • Sterilisation-

As these devices come in direct contact with the soft eye tissues of the patient, sterilisation is extremely important. Various processes are incorporated to ensure the device is free from harmful microorganisms.

  • Regulatory Compliance-

In order to meet the safety and quality criteria, it is essential for the manufacturers to adhere to the regulatory requirements under ISO and FDA.

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