Choosing the Right Junction Box for Maximum Electrical Connection Protection: What You Need to Know

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Junction boxes are a necessity in most EEE and IoT devices that you use on a day-to-day basis. It is one of the most important parts of an electrical device from a security standpoint. IoT and EEE device companies need to make a lot of decisions while choosing the right junction box for their device, which directly impacts the safety and success of the device.

In this article, we explore everything about electrical junction boxes and the things companies must know and consider before selecting the right one for their device.

What is an electrical junction box, and the role it plays in an electronic/electrical device?

A junction box is an enclosure that houses and protects electrical connections or wiring connections. 

Wiring connections are dangerous areas to be protected from environmental factors and human contact. Junction boxes do just that and act as the protective enclosure for all electrical connections.

Because of this role, specific factors are crucial considerations for IoT and EEE device companies:

  • Material of the junction box
  • Design
  • Material properties like durability, heat resistance
  • IP, NEMA ratings
  • And other factors

Let’s explore these factors in detail.

#1 Choosing the best material for your wire junction box

The first step of your decision-making process should be selecting the material. The majority of the junction boxes are made from two material types: Plastic and Metal.

Metallic cables that use metal conduits use metal junction boxes, and other material cable systems use plastic junction boxes. Other factors like grounding, intent of heat resistance, cost, weatherproof capabilities, and others will also play a role in your selection process.

#2 Ratings and certifications

One of the most important factors is selecting the required and preferred certification for junction boxes. Based on the end-use case and other factors, you will look for some or all of these certifications:

  • IP or NEMA rating to assess the weatherproof, dust, and other solid ingress properties
  • UL ratings for flame resistance
  • RoHS compliance

#3 Design considerations based on end-use case

The design of the junction box should account for factors like:

  • Number of cutouts for wiring requirements
  • Space consideration
  • Consideration for future changes/additions
  • Ease of manufacturing based on the chosen manufacturing process, which can be 3D printinginjection moulding, or others(This also affects cost)
  • Number of terminals for wire connections

#4 Flame rating and other material properties

There are some other factors that you must look for before you start manufacturing your junction box:

  • UL 94 flame rating
  • Rigidity
  • Cost of manufacturing
  • Heat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Melting point
  • Weldability/Moldability
  • Corrosion resistance

How can help you manufacture the perfect junction box?

Making a decision for all the above factors and choosing the right manufacturing partner is a big challenge for IoT and EEE device companies. As a stakeholder, you have to ensure that all the factors you decide are implemented at scale and with care in all your devices (along with a strict QC process). has made all these decisions and manufacturing processes seamless for device companies with our digital manufacturing platform. With a vast network of experienced electrical device enclosure manufacturers, engineers, and manufacturing experts, we help you solve all your manufacturing roadblocks to produce world-class electrical enclosures and junction boxes.

We can help you with expert advice and inputs on materials, certifications, cost optimisation, design feedback, and more. Our digital manufacturing platform is designed to address all manufacturing challenges and helps you with instant quotations, end-to-end project management, DfM feedback via our expert engineers, sharing project files within your organisation, viewing your CAD files, regular QC, audits of suppliers, logistics, payments, and more.

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