The Birth of Slash - Cost Cut Cutter

By Vijay KarotraAug 13, 20190 Comment

One of the leading FMCGs in India was developing a consumer product which required SS304 rotating cutters with a saw-shaped profile, and this was a crucial component of their product. 

While the manufacturing of a rotating cutter sounds simple, challenges pop up when the focus is to reduce timeline and prototyping costs. This was the problem with which our customer came to us, and we took up the challenge.

One of the most straightforward ways of fabricating a cutter like this is through CNC machining, which would simplify the manufacturing operations into a single step. However, the cost and time for manufacturing the blade was turning out to be too high and added on to this were hindrances from technicalities such as

-    1mm base could not withstand tool forces

-    Saw shaped profile would require precision engineering and smaller diameter cutter

CNC 5-Axis Machine

CNC Machining can cost an arm and a leg and if you get too close…literally’s solution:

We decided to manufacture the cutter by dividing it into two components - the base (saw-shaped blade) and the top piece (shaft). We suggested a change in the thickness of the base from 1 mm to 1.5 mm so that it could withstand tool forces, and this was approved by our client.

Using a high precision laser cutting machine we achieved sharp cuts on the 1.5 mm base. The top piece was lathe machined as per the desired outer diameter and then subjected to wire cutting to create the square slot in its centre.

Finally, the base and the top part were welded along the diameter to provide sufficient strength and voila - our very own Slash was born!

A custom made stainless steel rotating cutter manufactured through laser cutting, lathe machining and wire cutting by


Difference we made


The timeline of fabrication of the rotating cutter through CNC machining was turning out to be 5-6 days.

This timeline consisted of

-    Time for material procurement

-    Time for writing a CNC code for the machining

-    The actual machining time

We achieved almost 50% reduction in timeline through our solution

-    Laser and the turning process were done simultaneously within a day

-    Wire cutting took a day

-    Welding and buffing took another day

CNC machining uses block metal which is not always readily available and its procurement becomes time-consuming, On the other hand, processes like laser cutting and turning are carried out on sheets and small parts of metal, which are quick to procure. This made a major difference in our choice of manufacturing operations.


CNC machining would have costed around Rs. 2,000. With our solution, we were able to bring down the price by 70%, to just Rs. 800.

70 % Cost Reduction!!! Even a Minion is astonished

By reducing costs and timeline while maintaining quality, we successfully balanced the manufacturing triad and left our customer with smiles and some very sharp rotating cutters.

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