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Instant quotes, material insights, DFM analysis and process
recommendations at your fingertips in seconds

Precision in Every Quote

Detailed Cost Breakdown
and DFM Insights

Instant and Accurate
Cost Estimates

Streamlined RFQ Management and Integration

Upload your CAD files and let ACE be your expert guide in costing

Costing at Your Command
Your designs, our AI-driven costing - accurate, instant, anytime

Share Your CAD Designs

Effortlessly share your CAD designs through Step or Stp files

Detailed Cost Breakdown

Receive comprehensive breakdowns of costs, including material costs, machining costs, and surface finish costs

Multi-Material and Quantity Configurations

Easily reconfigure parameters such as materials and quantities to see how different combinations impact costs

Instant Cost Calculation

Quickly generate accurate cost estimates for CNC machining components by simply uploading a CAD file

Manufacturing Process Recommendations

Get tailored suggestions for optimizing manufacturing processes, helping to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Seamless Integration with Supplier Portal

Access RFQs and automatically generated costs in one place without needing to log into a separate ACE portal, streamlining the workflow for suppliers.