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Contract manufacturing has become quite a popular strategy for businesses due to the abundance of advantages it offers. When it comes to outsourcing of PCB assembly to contract manufacturers, the benefits are numerous, from managing the complexities of circuit board production to reducing the costs associated with maintaining a manufacturing line and staff. 

Let’s explore the advantages of partnering with an EMS provider for your PCB assembly needs.

What are the Benefits of Contract Manufacturing for your PCB Assembly?

Leveraging External Engineering Expertise

Regardless of your engineering department’s size, there are times when the workload surpasses your team’s capacity. These instances often coincide with the creation of a printed circuit board. Local PCB contract manufacturers can be invaluable technical resources during these times. PCB CMs typically have a comprehensive engineering team capable of managing a wide range of design tasks, from schematic capture to full PCB layout, allowing them to handle any additional work you need.

Better Scalability

It’s not always about meeting the current production demands, it’s also about having the ability to handle sudden spikes in production due to increased demand. An outsourced EMS provider, with greater production capacity and resources and large supplier base, can plan production more flexibly and dynamically. They can scale up or prioritise production according to your needs, ensuring you meet unexpected short-term demand surges. This flexibility allows OEMs to capitalise on increased sales opportunities during production peaks without missing out on potential revenue.

Supply Chain Management

Be it raw materials, logistics or quality standards, supply chain management plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of PCBs. 

Effective manufacturing involves ensuring the timely and consistent supply of necessary components, managing financial risks related to sudden material price increases, and maintaining supply chain during market shortages. This is a significant reason why many companies opt for third-party EMS providers for their electronic manufacturing needs. The EMS provider assumes full responsibility for procuring all necessary components, including supplier selection, delivery scheduling, and storage management. Proper material management is critical, encompassing everything from shortened lead times to efficient utilisation during production runs.

Contract manufacturers with expertise in PCB manufacturing

PCB manufacturers have extensive experience in producing circuit boards of various types whilst employing diverse technologies. Their up-to-date manufacturing equipment ensure top-notch quality, guaranteeing optimal board functionality. Additionally, they offer access to an engineering team to address technical queries, ensuring a smooth transition to manufacturing.

High Quality PCB Assembly

Electronics contract manufacturing goes beyond machinery, it requires experienced experts with access to the latest technology. These aspects play a crucial role in overseeing the manufacturing process, swiftly addressing issues, and managing unforeseen situations to ensure product quality and efficiency.

Contract manufacturers also hold all the necessary certifications that guarantees high quality of the PCB assembly:

  • ISO certification, such as ISO 9001 ensure a manufacturer’s high organisational standards, leading to efficient production processes, continual improvement, as well as problem-solving capabilities. 
  • On the other hand, IPC standards, particularly classes 2 and 3,  define criteria for error acceptability in visual quality control during electronic assembly processes. These standards classify quality into three levels, with higher class numbers signifying stricter requirements for the final product’s quality, each accompanied by specific verification criteria.

More Focus on Product Development and Research

Outsourcing your PCB assembly to an EMS provider means you are not directly involved in the PCB manufacturing process. The contractor handles all aspects of production, including solving operational issues like component availability, supply chain management, manufacturing processes, maintaining efficient machinery, and employing qualified equipment operators. This arrangement also includes managing the associated financial expenses.

This outsourcing frees up valuable time that you can use to focus on other critical business activities. You can allocate your saved time, energy, and financial resources towards further product development, building a more effective distribution network, and acquiring new clients. These activities add significant value and positively impact the overall company performance.

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